“During the alchemic-cathartic process of creation, the artist changes the essence of reality and art becomes a ritual, going through a spontaneous depersonalization of the subjectivity, keeping in touch with the ‘other self’, discovering endless variations of the life and the self, dissolving – as the last sacrifice – the ego. A sort of miracle, in which humility, a profound sense of humour and wonder cannot be missing.” M.L.

Born in Milan, she works between Urbino and Berlin, where she devotes herself to visual and musical arts.
Maria Lucchese begins her artistic career by avoiding the traditional official itinerary; in fact she is self-taught.
With a perceptive personality she discovers early at Montessori School in Milan her vocation for visual arts and music. “Enfant rebelle” as she likes to describe herself, she paints with total freedom of expression, refining her skill by associating with internationally recognised artists without submitting to a preconceived code of -modus operandi -.
For many years she has been focusing on the studies of Primitive Arts (Africa, Australia, Oceania), her main themes being the Uncounscious and the Abstraction.
Her work ist characterised by the experimentation with a variety of materials: paper, wood, metal, ceramic and others, interposed between each other with an infusion of colours, with a continuous remind to primitivism.

Since the the end of the ’90s, she has been working intensively with the art of engraving, by studying in Urbino under the guidance of professor Angelini (Urbino Arte).

Her passionate long standing interest for music, theatre and ancient musical instruments, sees Maria engaged in the performing arts. A research that links arts in general and primitive arts in particular - rich of symbolism and rituality- to theatre, improvisation and sounds.
She focused her energy on mastering the voice as the expressive channel of the Unconscious.
She considers the exploration of the voice as a means to psychological liberation. As a mystic effective self-experience
Her work has been acknowledged on both national and international scenes.

raku art work maria lucchese