the older I get
the more I study
the more I wonder

alchemy of imagination is the natural and often joyful desire to philosophize about the meaning of life. It’s a process of deep reflection, criticism and self-questioning about the nature of human existence. It is also a playful, stimulating and yet challenging dialogue between one’s internal habitat and the external environment.
Alchemy of imagination is the desire to penetrate into the unknown and unexplored while at the same time an attempt to stay balanced within the continuous fluctuations and vicissitudes of life. It is the art of cultivating free and creative thought.

Maria Lucchese is a visual artist and performer from Italy residing in Berlin. Her interest toward the performing art is born after a long research that links arts in general and primitiv arts in particular – rich of symbolism and rituality - to the theatre, and the "Klang/sound". She dedicates her interests to the ancient musical instruments, majoring particularly the australian horn (didgeridoo), zither, launeddas, gong and the theremin. She plays them in a very unusually way.

research topics
social and culture anthropology, ecosystem, neuroscience, philosophy

instruments - work tools
theremin, zither, ocean drum, gongs, didgeridoo, voice

photo maria lucchese